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Fancy playing poker for a living or simply just improving your game - BRS is here to help. 1000’s of fantastic players have come through our system, many going on to become some of the games greatest! Even the UK’s biggest winner, Sam Trickett, once needed coaching and mentoring in order to become the world class player he is today.
Anyone can apply to the academy, with absolutely no risk. You can sign up, play for free and enjoy the proceeds and no matter how well you do during the process - you get to keep 50% of your final account balance!

If this sounds like the opportunity you have been looking for, then join the BRS Academy today….


How it all Works

If you're successful

Stage One
First we’ll send you $55, straight into your poker account, then we’ll ask you to play 10 x $5 SNG games of 6 or 9 handed No Limit Hold Em. (You are required to complete these within 7 days from receipt of the funds) This is to gauge the way that you play, and after you've played the Ten SNG games we will review your performance.

Stage Two
Once you've confirmed that you're ready to move on to the next stage, subject to performance to date, you will receive a further $55 to again play a further 10 x $5 SNG games of 6 or 9 handed No Limit Hold Em.

Stage Three
Once you've finished, one of our expert coaches will review your performance. You will also be entitled to 50% of your final account balance over this process. If you are successful you will be invited to join BRS on a trial period for a full sponsorship at which point you can let us know the game variant you prefer ie MTT SNG or Cash. If you choose to accept, your account balance will be transferred into your opening credit on your profit and loss sheets. The trial period for full sponsorship would continue on the basis of a 50% profit share going forward. If you do not wish to be sponsored or are not successful you will still be entitled to 50% of the account balance at the end of the process.

Start your Journey!

Are you ready?

You are just a short application process away from joining the BRS Academy, all we ask is for a little time and effort on your part and you could earn your place on this brilliant programme and be in with a chance of full sponsorship. Who knows how far you could go? You could be the next world class player? Find out completely risk free and apply now…

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Have what it takes for a full sponsorship already? Check out our 'Experienced Player Program' for more information.

Sit 'n' Go Academy

The SNG Academy is a Sit 'n' Go specific version of the BRS Academy. There are a few differences in the way it works out...

Stage One
Successful applicants will receive a $110 to play a total of 10, $10+1 No Limit Holdem Sit and Go games.

Stage Two
Once completing all 10 games, play will be analysed with a view to the applicant becoming a fully sponsored player. Again, if successful, the full account balance will become the opening Profit and Loss Credit within BRS, and if not successful, 50% of final account balance will be returned to the player to keep.

To be considered for application you must be able to provide a link to a filtered Sharkscope graph that displays Sit & Gos only.

Apply for SNG Academy

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