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BRS Academy Programme

Anyone can apply to the academy, with absolutely no risk. You can sign up, play for free and enjoy the proceeds and no matter how well you do during the process - you get to keep 50% of your final account balance! If you fancy playing poker for a living or simply just improving your game - BRS is here to help. 1000’s of fantastic players have come through our system, many going on to become some of the games greatest! ​

Experienced Player Programme

If you're already an experienced player, we appreciate you won't want to start at the lower stakes. You’ll want to start your way, on the stakes you're used to. So we’ll give you access to an unprecedented amount of training material, development tools and your own personal coach to ensure you keep improving your game. Apply now, telling us a bit about yourself and if you're successful, you'll start with a profit share of 50%.

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